Command Reference of Animator3D

Simulation control

Show or hide the simulation frame.
Clear the experiment.

Show or hide the axes of the coordinate system.
Use fat or normal  lines for the visualisation of the experiment.

Stop or Resume the simulation.
Set simulation time step to 0.01.

Add  a particle at a defined location.
Remove particle.
Set particle color to white.
Set particle size to 200.
Set particle position to x, y, z.
Set particle velocity to vx, vy, vz.
Set particle mass to 100.
Set particle charge to 200.
Set particle status to 111
Set tracing mode for the particle
getParticlePositionX, getParticlePositionY, getParticlePositionZ,
getParticleVelocityX, getParticleVelocityY, getParticleVelocityZ,
getparticleCollided, getParticleStatus

Add spring between two particles
Remove spring
Set spring color to green
Set spring constant to 20

Add box
Remove box
Set box color to yellow
Set box bounds to xmin,ymin, zmin,xmax, ymax,zmax

Add sphere
Set sphere color toblue

Add line
Remove line
Set line color to green

Add arrow
Set line color to red

Simulation parameters
Set particle colision true or false
Set external gravity to 10
Set num of traced points (history size) to 500
Show or hide the electric field lines